Thursday, November 08, 2007


I got to attend a neat luncheon today at the university, since my boss wasn't here to accept an invitation from the Human Science's HMS 404 class. These seniors had prepared a Cajun themed lunch that my co-worker and I got to partake in.

There was shrimp etouffee, crunchy veggies, some type of spicy fish, crab cakes, and bread pudding. All of the wait staff wore Mardi Gras masks and the center pieces were Mardi Gras themed, as well. It was a very nicely put on event.

I hope to be invited again. *(hint, hint...Chay) :)*

I figured since yesterday I had provided a link that I would do the same today.

One of the first things that I do after firing up my computer in the mornings when I get into my office is to check my work email. I check my work email and also my personal email.

And after I look at my calendar to remind myself of the day's events I'll open up the internet.

I have this link as my home site:

And then...seriously...I click on the "Animal Rescue" button and then the "Breast Cancer" button back and forth about ten times each.

Just showing you this link has made me go to the site and I have clicked both buttons once again about ten times.

Every time I reopen my web browser and it takes me to the animal rescue site I reclick those buttons over and over again. I promise you it is not OCD. It's more like those two little buttons really make me feel like I'm doing something worth while.

Maybe, y'all will consider to make it your home site too. Some of you I'm sure will do better than I and will probably click on each button.

Thank you for Clicking.

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