Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Real Housewives of Nacogdoches County

I went to an estate sale one morning with my hubby's aunt. It was before I moved into my house so we had our eyes open for anything that could fill my new home.

I've been to many garage sales before but not as many estate sales. Estate sales kind of intimidated me because they seem to be a bit intimate. You actually enter someone's home and most of the time that someone has passed away.

Luckily, this estate sale wasn't being ran by the family. Instead it was being run by a group of women who specialize in estate sales.

I actually found several things, which turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

First, I had found some crystal wine glasses that were gorgeous and felt so damn sturdy in my hand. Have you ever washed a wine glass and tried to clean around the rim only for it to shatter in your sponge? Well, that has happened to me on a couple of occasions. Well, these crystal glasses did not feel flimsy or fragile in any way. When I washed them I did so very delicately but there was no need because they are very well made.

Now, I must confess that two of the wine glasses did break when I brought them home. The reason why they broke, though, was because someone had wrapped two of the glasses together in newspaper. All the rest were wrapped individually.

But to prove how well made these glasses are they broke where the bowl and the stem meet. I really think I should be able to take them to "Glass Castles" in town and have someone there be able to fix them.

The second item I found was a nicely crocheted blanket. The coloring is like a chocolate brown and a sky blue. It looks very playful and really brightens up a room. It reminds me that I need to start crocheting again every time I look at it.

And the last items I found were two aprons. One is a sleeveless navy blue fabric with polk-a-dots. The other has short sleeves and has a floral print and makes me feel very housewife-ish.

When I tried on these two aprons I didn't realize how giddy I would feel. It was very strange. I think I even clapped with glee.

The purpose of this whole entry was to get to the point as to why I'm linking to this site: Tie One On

Long ago I found out that I had an obsession for thigh high stockings but more specifically...thigh high socks.

And more recently I also found out that I truly adore aprons and love wearing them. If you too have a thing for aprons then check out the site.


Kristen Ruby "Lips" Woodard aka Smack Bauer #24 said...

i've found i really love wearing aprons too! what's the deal? for me, i think it psychologically makes me feel like i'm better in the kitchen than i really am.

Zay said...

hrm...i think you are on to something, ruby.


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