Monday, November 26, 2007

Holiday/Weekend Recap

How did the long weekend come and go so quickly?

K, me, and the pups had a good time with K's parents in H-Town. My friend J came by and visited Miss Dizzy while we were away. Dizzy appreciated the warm lap and loving J provided for her.

Thursday - We drove to Houston on Turkey Day and in the past it was the best day to hit the highway because there wasn't much traffic. I think everyone has caught on to our trick because there was a lot of cars heading the same way as us. We still made good time, though. As soon as we hit 610 I called K's mom and told her we were just about there and she told us to be careful. As soon as I hung up the phone I quickly told K to slow down because I saw a run away tire on the highway as cars swerved around it as it sped up and bounced its erratic way through traffic. Luckily, the tire did not come off of someone's car as they were driving it. Some dumb ass had the tire in their pick up bed and did not secure it properly.

We arrived at the parent's house and unloaded the dogs and our bags. We soon loaded up the parent's minivan with ourselves and tons of food. We headed toward Magnolia where tday dinner was to be served up by K's cousin who recently bought a home in Magnolia.

After tday with family we went back home to let the dogs out...all five of them. And then we loaded back up into the vehicle once again to visit the parent's multi-millionaire friend's home. The home was fabulous and way too much for just one man but I guess I could go a bit nuts on luxury too if I were a multi-millionaire. The guy is self-made and sells exercise equipment that he designed and built. So, of course, the guy has a full gym in his home. I drooled over the elliptical trainer as I played on it.

Friday - We hit the town for some grub and a bit of shopping. The inlaws treated me to some bday shopping and I got an outfit from Old Navy's. I love Old Navy's because I can always find things that fit me well. By the time we got back to the house we soon after left it again. It was around dinner time and we hit a Mexican restaurant called Tony's.

K's mom wanted us to meet some of her friends and they were a damn hoot. D and D are a couple and they both checked out hot gay men all around us. Apparently, this Mexican restaurant as I was told by one of the D's was a "queer mecca." I looked around and for the first time realized that I was indeed surrounded by many gay men. Not only does this establishment have many gay patrons and wait staff, they also have some stout margaritas. I had two sips and was beet red and had to admit defeat and gave my margarita to K.

Afterwards, D & D took us to their home where we played with their three pit bull puppies....Edwina, Patsy, and Homer. D & D do an all breed rescue and there was a pit bull momma who had about 12 puppies and D & D took on three of the puppies. I got to nuzzle with puppy noses and squish fat puppy bellies.

We finally made our way home and mom lit a fire on their back patio and we sipped frozen mud slides as the fire kept us warm. We all called it a night soon after.

Saturday - Mom fed us all some awesome chili and left overs for brunch. The day was so ugly looking. Most of the morning the rain was coming down side ways. K and I were not looking forward to that drive home. We left in the afternoon and even though the drive was wet and gross it wasn't too bad. We made it home safe and sound and was soon visited by my friend, J. She brought over our house key and visited with us for a while. While she was there our friends M and S came over too. We all enjoyed the first fire that K had built in our fireplace.

(K built the fire while it was just he, me, and J. He and I both thought we had opened up the flue. We did not. So...our fire definitely works. Good to know!)

Sunday - A busy day of putting up stuff from our travels and doing basic cleaning of the home and getting some laundry done. We also entertained in the evening and had the German and D over to our place. We all ate dinner together and watched some tv and I got drowsy on one Cape Cod in front of another fire Kreg had built for us to enjoy.


Chrissy said...

wow! sounds like you were busy. and cozy. glad to know your fire alarm works!

the German said...

i had a f***ing hangover this morning. I almost puked into somebody else's lab this afternoon (that's because she had just smoked a cigarette and my tumplet was weak)... i am not used to anything anymore...

Zay said... was a busy time...i enjoyed it but would have liked just a bit more sit back and relax time. are european and i have irish in my blood and neither of us can drink...what a sad day. :) we both try our best though.


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