Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Clowning around...

By the way...

It's not every day you get a visit from these two lovely ladies while getting your hair did.

I was running late for my hair appointment as my whistling telegram ladies were hiding in the salon closet. Ha!

They got me back as they waited until after my shampoo to take my photo.

I love y'all. Thanks for the nice surprise!
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KB said...

Yay! Happy Birthday to you!

I got a whistling birthday song for me once in Java Jacks. It made that one of the best birthdays ever.

Zay said...

I've always secretly wished that one day I too would get a whistling telegram. It really made my day. :)

Thanks for the bday wishes my friend.

Mrs. T said...

Much belated, but deeply sincere: happy Birfday Sonnie! If I could whistle, I'd send you a gram. But since i can't, maybe I'll hum a few bars on my kazoo. I'll be ready next year! Happy happy!


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