Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Lately, I have been antsy to create something or many things for the Xmas holiday. My fingers have been itching to embroider, to crochet, to make advent calendars. It just goes on and on and I must stop looking around the internet to find even better crafting projects.

Last night I actually had some time to just sit and watch tv and zone out. As I sit here, stuck at my desk, during the work day I want to kick myself for not getting down and dirty with some thread, glue, felt, glitter, etc. while I had the chance to do so yesterday evening.

I have one crocheted scarf that I had done up for myself. All I need to do is throw in a few more chains and then tie that sucker off and I'll be done with it, but I have been procrastinating and finding other things to do instead.

I am driving myself bonkers by not doing the things that my fingers itch to do but I cannot get the rest of my body to listen to the fingers.

Tonight, I will finish that scarf.

And if I do nothing else from now until Thursday then I can live with that, because I get to attend a Renegade Crafting get together at the MRTs this Friday. Finally, I will be able to get some creative juices flowing. The German will be taking time for me to post some on-line instructions on how to make an advent calendar that is from her childhood and culture. I cannot wait!

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