Friday, October 12, 2007

We are hell'a crafty, yo...

Last night I hosted a crafting get together for my gal pals. I enjoyed having everyone over and always enjoy my evening of crafting with these ladies. I feel blessed to be surrounded by such a fun loving crew of gals.

The theme this month was Day of the Dead sugar skulls. We had two projects to work on and one of them involved cutting skullies out of felt and then sewing embellishments to create the eyes, nose, and mouth. Here are a couple of skullies that were made last night:

Sometimes, we spend a lot of time snacking, drinking, and chatting. Crafting isn't always the priority at these shin digs even though we try to stay focused and on task. There are times that us gals need time to catch up and that means our crafting project might be a bit neglected.

This time, however, we snacked, drank, chatted, and stayed focused on our crafting task. Us gals know how to multi-task like a mother!

Look how hard these ladies worked their little fingers off:

The second project involved painting onto the glass panel taken out of a photo frame:

Here's to another successful night of crafting, ladies. The Crafty Renegades strike again!


Chrissy said...

Wow! We look like pros! The Crafty Renegades are my favorite!

Zay said...

We kicked the heck out of those crafts. :)

Pacer said...

I want to see what you did with the finished product(s)!

Zay said...

pacer...the embroidered felt skullies i believe most of the girls are going to turn those into broaches.

and my painted skully i'll put a backing of glittered black felt and send it off to my girlfriend in chicago so she can hang it on her wall. :)


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