Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekend recap...

The in-laws arrived safely on Friday. They oohed and aahed over our new home.

Daddy-in-law (DIL) pointed to our drive way in directing Mom-in-law (MIL) of where to pull in. MIL shook her head and told DIL that wasn't the house. DIL stated that the mailbox has 651 on it so it had to be the house. MIL looked again and sure as shit she agreed DIL was right.

DIL thought the house looked brand new and was shocked to hear that it was built in 1987. MIL stated that in Houston this house plus yard would go for around 250K (+). Well, if that is the case it's a good thing we bought in Nac instead because there is no way we are that pimp.

It was neat having the in-laws stay with us. It was their first time spending the night in our home. Our last home was big enough to accomodate them as in we had an extra bedroom. It would have been hard, though, for all of us to lounge comfortably in our old house's living room especially since they brought their three dogs along. Heh. And the old house only had one bathroom so that is always difficult when you have house guests over.

It's too bad that the in-laws didn't get to enjoy the new furniture. MIL, DIL, and three pups all left early Sunday afternoon. We got the new couch set from M and K around mid afternoon. I sent photos right away to the MIL and she was impressed with all the work we accomplished that afternoon.

I thought I would enjoy having the peace and quiet again when they had left. Instead, I missed them more because the house felt so empty with them all gone.

I think Toby even had a moment of being mopey but then again his pup pal, Wilson, was loads of fun to have around for him. Now all he has is grumpy Josie who's on Prozac and the kitty continues to hate him for being zee Toby. Don't worry though because it didn't take him long to stop being mopey and go around the house and pester every one who looked too relaxed.

p.s. We ate at Mr. Wills which is down the street from us and they have some pretty good food! And a large bar! And a bakery! (The bakery will make your recipe if you'd like and they'll even make sugar-free desserts, as well)

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