Friday, October 19, 2007


I'm sitting here on my couch typing on my laptop. I've had this laptop for about 2-3 months now and this is the first time I've used it away from the plug. It is quite nice.

Last Friday I came down with a bad cold or even maybe a mild flu if there is such a thing. I was not a happy camper and it sucked to have the shivers, the sweats, body aches, and a horrible hacking cough.

Well, it is now a week later and to my surprise have been diagnosed with pneumonia. I rarely get sick but when I do I sure like to be in the spot light.

I stayed home this past Monday and Tuesday from work trying to rest up and feel better. By Wednesday I figured it was a good day to appear at work. I stayed the whole day even though I didn't feel up for it at all. When I got home I had to lie down and cough up my lungs. By dinner time and after my second bite of potato I had to hightail it to the restroom to puke up my two miserable bites. It was when I was lying on the cold linoleum (one day I'll have cold tile instead) that I figured it was probably time to make an appt. to see a doctor. I'm one of those people who will wait it out for quite a while before I think anything is doctor appointment worthy. Well, there is one thing that I never wait on when it's time to see the doc and that's for my annual pap so that I can get my birth control prescription. That's a must! Any ways...

So, at the doc's office I must have napped on and off the whole time I was waiting. I got a nice shot in the hip for my fever. I then got x-rayed and while they were checking my x-rays I got to suck on a nebulizer for a while. I've never done a breathing treatment before. It was neat. Made me reminisce (i don't feel like looking that up so see if I had spelled that correctly) about smoking. Ha!

So, the x-rays came back and (boobs look neato on x-rays) the doc showed me that I had one really healthy looking lung and that the other one was filled with gunk, which she explained meant that I clearly had a nasty case of pneumonia.

So, I got two more shots in my hips...ouch and ouch. A big dose of antiobiotics for each hip and remember that one hip already had a band-aid on it from the fever reducer shot. It was hard driving after that.

I have all sorts of good meds now and believe it or not I feel so much better today. I no longer feel like death.

Now, I must go lie down and rest. K would kill me if he saw me updating my blog right now. Haha.


Chaybee said...

ooh.. glad to hear you are feeling better. Let me know if I can do anything for you.

Pacer said...

Pneumonia! Yikes! Feel better!

Chrissy said...

Ouch. That is a bad sickness. I hope things are looking up! We'll have that lunch date just as soon as you're no longer contagious. ;)


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