Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Some people thrive on this day with big smiles and great expectations. Some people are sad, miserable, and perhaps bitter on this day.

I've always thought of it as a Hallmark holiday when it came to couples. Run out to buy cards, candies, flowers, etc. I've always thought what a big waste of money. Maybe, I thought like this because my hubby has always taken pretty good care of me. Perhaps, that's why I can snub my nose at this one big special day out of the year made for lovers. I have a great lover who thinks about me, takes care of me, and spoils me.

Now that I have a kid...Valentine's has become special to me.

My parents had always made Valentine's Day special for me as a kid and up until I was a grown married woman. I would see my dad get my mom a heart shaped box of chocolates and he would get me a special box just for me too. They would always pick out something neat like a heart pendant necklace or some dangling heart earrings. I think my mom stop sending me Valentine's gift when i was in my mid-20s. She basically said, "Do you think it's okay if Mommy stop sending you Valentine's gifts?" I said, "of course." My mom then said, "Tell K that it's all his responsible now. Not Mommy and Daddy's any more."


K ended up getting O a Minnie Mouse doll that she adores. He found her some long spiral lollies too, which she doesn't know about yet. She loved the card he chose too. It was thrilling to watch her get so excited over these things.

I was more excited for her than I was for me.

K did get me some nice thoughtful gifts. I now have a case for my Nexus, chocolates, and a dvd that I've been wanting to see.

My honey got manly things like: men's face care kit, cologne, hair products, etc. Hrm...looking at what I got him I probably should have gotten him a toiletry bag, as well. :)

I have hearts all over my house and all over my office door. Hearts that my kid made at daycare. So with kid now...some of these holidays feel so different now. I guess it's more fun and thrilling to show her all about these holidays that used to just feel like another day to me.


Michelle said...

You and I have some good men. :-) I bought Sage a bag of Tabasco Jelly Bellies, and Greg got some hot sauce (personalized by me ;-) ) and a special dinner. And I got an orchid and lots of chocolate. :-)

Zay said...

Michelle, Tabasco jelly beans?? Interesting.


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