Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I found myself in a cape...

I took the day off from work today. I woke up and got the household up and ready for green smoothies and breakfast. I drank green smoothie, had morning discussions with O, and then took a Xanax. Kreg and I took the little one to school.

He and I then went for donuts. He also took the day off. He wanted to drive me to my mammogram appointment.

I've been having aches and pains since June. I tell docs I've had it since July like one month later makes me less embarrassed that I waited until September to finally see my doc about these new predicament.

He gave me a thorough breast exam and made mention of fibrocystic changes in my breasts. I guess that was better than "oh, what's this lump?"

He thought that the consistent feel of my breasts and symmetric look, etc wasn't anything for me to worry about. However, to play it safe, I should get a mammogram done.

Not only did I go through a very thorough breast exam, but now needed a mammogram. I wasn't happy about this. I'm a weirdo and do not like for my boobs to be poked and prodded and it stems from a childhood injury to one of my breasts that felled me to my knees from intense pain. Since then I'm almost phobic of my buds to be handled so thoroughly and not so gently.

I had to wear a cape instead of a robe. It covered my naked front very well. Once my boobs were exposed for X-ray my coverlet became a super hero's cape. I felt kind of awkward standing there exposed in a cape. Near the end I kind of chuckled with the thought of standing there bare breasted with my cape around my neck and flowing down my back. This character would possibly do well in the comic book circuit. I'm not sure how this character would protect herself, though.

It took me a little over a month to finally make my mamm appointment. After doing so I asked my doc for some liquid courage that came in pill form. Xanax.

You cannot drive on Xanax, so they say, even though I know plenty who do so. So, my hubby, decided to join me in my appt and be my chauffeur and also my cheer up buttercup coach.

The pill helped me get through my appt. without much anxiety or diarrhea. Ha. No nervous stomach. Nice.

My mammogram...wow, what an easy process and not painful at all. I've heard so many war stories from other women how horrible and painful it was to have your breasts in a vice grip. Maybe my lady was super gentle? It was a fast process and not bad at all.

So, after all this...my breasts are in the clear. Thank goodness. With my Mom's death so fresh still I was almost panicked I had the big C. A lot of thoughts have been going round and round in my head. I finally have some peace in my head again.

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Chrissy (The New Me) said...

Whew. So glad all is well with you and your boobies!

amy said...

hooray for happy boobies! i am so proud of you for ALL of this. go, you!!


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