Monday, November 05, 2012

Halloween 2012

 This year's annual Halloween party was on 3 November. It kind of took away from our Halloween spirit, since we were kind of tapped dry with Halloween. We celebrated Halloween like three times already from all the things the kid had for the holiday. Also, it began to rain like crazy with lightning and thunder. Once we heard that the location of the party had yet to see any rain (they live like 10 miles out of town) we decided to go ahead with it, especially since we had gotten our cousin to babysit for the night. Getting a babysitter is a rare occasion for us. Our friends the MRTs came to pick us up in the hubby's big bubba truck. That was a treat. :)

Everyone looked so great. K and I put minimal effort into our costumes this year. However, K always does well with his costume no matter if he goes low budget or high maintenance. He got the job done by creeping everyone out with his slaughtered pig look.

And here I am with mask too, but I didn't go the creepy route. My costume was supposed to be of a Mardi Gras person. I wore a ton of beads that are a part of my kid's treasure chest. Her Gammy supplied her with many mardi gras beads. The kid asked if I was an owl. Why didn't I think of that? That would have been a cooler costume. :)

One of my favorite costumes of the night was my friend, Ruby. She went as Captain Kangaroo. The sad part was many of the younger peeps in the crowd had no clue who that was. :)

Her costumes almost always bring me joy. :)

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Chrissy (The New Me) said...

Aw. I'm glad you went to the party, if only so I could live vicariously through you. Great costumes (especially Kreg!).


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