Sunday, October 07, 2012

Coffee Dates & Halloween Plates

I met up with one of my fav girls, Merci. A girlfriend date was much needed. We had planned for fro yo and coffee. However, we never got around for fro yo. We never left Starbucks. Coffee was deliciousness and we fed our sweet tooth too.

I could have stayed there all day catching up with M. If I had my pants would no longer fit. Probably a good thing we finally left. ;)

After, I hit up the Turner's casa to spend a little bit of time with Molly T. Mostly, so old gal could get a bathroom break.

I checked in to casa Momo and soon left for Hobby Lobby. It was so hard to not buy up everything that caught my eye.

I bought some letters to join a large 'M' on the wall.

We bought these very fun porcelain plates:

I told K we had to leave and now before I bought anything else, especially for Oli's room.

I had a lot of indulgences today, which isn't a bad thing. :)

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