Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello, It's Me

New recipes I've tried from Pinterest:

Crockpot Beef and Broccoli - This was pretty tasty. I think this might be on an every now and again rotation in my house.

Two Ingredient Lemon Bars - This wasn't bad. It was tastier to me than the angel food cake with pineapples recipe. I could see making this again. My bars did not look like the photo in the link. My bars deflated and ended up being a sticky mess when you tried to cut them. Not a big deal since I wasn't serving it to anyone other than ourselves. The bars were also sweet enough to do without the powdered sugar, I think. Also, lemon pie filling...who needs a cake mix really...I could just dip a spoon over and over again into the jarred lemon pie filling.


I got to bowl this weekend! I haven't bowled in ages. The last time I bowled I was pregnant. I must admit bowling while pregnant for me gave me a huge advantage (no pun intended). I think the large belly gave me some sort of super balance that allowed me to bowl wicked strikes continually. I even got my first Turkey, which is three strikes in a row! This time, though, I didn't do so hot. I got a 92 and only one strike, which happened to be my very last roll. I guess I needed an almost two hour game to finally warm up for one measly strike. Heh.


I have been busy with mommy stuff. I have been busy at work. When it comes to me, overall, I have been stagnant. I need to do something other than mommy stuff. However, it's hard to find the time. When there is time I get mighty lazy. I need to get around the laziness.

It's so easy to lose myself behind the tv screen or even my iPhone screen. What happened to the days when I could waste time playing video games? Those days seem so long ago.

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