Monday, July 23, 2012

Thunder Coat in Action

I'm sorting laundry and Josie won't leave my side as thunder quakes the house. The Thunder Coat seems to keep her from panting and shaking, which is a huge improvement.

Another trick that seems to keep Josie calm before we bought the Thunder Coat is to wedge her into a tight space. We learned this from the movie "Temple Grandin".
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Michelle said...

Poor baby! I thought of autism weighted jackets, etc. as soon as I saw the coat! I guess there's no reason why what works for humans wouldn't possibly work on an animal -- especially dogs!

Zay said...

Have you seen the movie, "Temple Grandin"? It's about an autistic woman and how she changed the cattle industry in how they slaughter them. Her design kept cattle calm instead of panicked. Any ways...she also discovered that a contraption that kept cows snug and in position kept them calm and it also worked for her too. So, yes, someone figured out that this Thunder Coat would also work on dogs.


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