Monday, April 09, 2012

Rainbow Cookies!

Over the four day weekend I failed to log in my calories in my account. I got lazy and now I'm paying for it. Did I cheat? Yes. Did I cheat big? Not really but enough to be a pound or two heavier this morning.

Granted, I will be starting my cycle this week so that too could be where the added weight came from.

Today, I started logging in my cals again and I just came back from the gym feeling drained but glad to be back in my routine again.

My downfall of where most of the cheating came from is from Pinterest. I just had to make these cookies:

They are called Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies. Don't they just look beautiful and make you want to do cartwheels and sing songs about spring? Well, I just adore them and they make me squeal.

Now, let's discuss how my cookies turned out shall we.

 Yeah, not so pretty as previous photo. I followed the recipe, but could not for the life of me get the dough to roll easily. It was too wet and sticky and ended up being just a mess between my hands. After several attempts I gave up. I then started to scoop up the five different colors into a spoon and then drop them onto the cookie sheet. So, I ended up with tie dye looking cookies. Not as pretty but I think they are still just as fun.

Instead of cartwheels and songs about spring time these cookies remind me of Kool-Aid and running through the sprinklers. A bit more messy but still a whole lot of fun.

These were a great treat to make during Easter time. Every time my little one got a cookie she never failed to "Ooooh" at the magic that went into that cookie.

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