Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Break

Back to work and back to reality. Boo.

Our Thanksgiving break was really nice. We spent it in Galveston at the in-law's beach house. I relaxed as much as I could with toddler in tow. O had a grand time and she loved being around her gparents.

I wish we could have had more time at the beach, but I'll try to not be greedy.

When we got home I put up our Christmas tree and even got in some crocheting time.I started a second scarf and will give both scarves to Oli's daycare teachers.

Once I have completed the second scarf I'll post a photo of them. I'm hoping to be done either today or tomorrow with it so I can try out a new scarf pattern I have found.

November is almost done and I'm looking forward to December or more like Christmas break. :)

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