Monday, November 07, 2011

Heartache Strikes Again

I'm really glad my dad is such a strong man. He could be lying to me so I don't worry about him.

Over the weekend, my dad had to put his dog down. Annie (the dog) got sick maybe a year before my mom found out about the cancer. Annie was diagnosed with Addison's Disease. So, mom and dad spent a ton of money to get her health back to where she was thriving again. It was quite an expensive journey, since Annie was close to death when she was diagnosed. She went from a healthy and thriving dog to a very sick one at a quick rate

Fast forward to now, Annie's health has been on a roller coaster ride. Every time her health declined it would cost so much to get her back to where she was okay again. One of the last times she declined rapidly Dad would have put her down, but my mom was in the hospital in bad shape herself. My dad didn't want my mom to come home to a house without Annie and have to explain to my weak mother what happened to her dog. My mom said she would have understood and by then in her illness she probably wouldn't have been worried about it since she was in such a bad way. However, my dad didn't want to add any more stress or sadness to their home. Plus, my mom said it would have been okay but who really knows how she would have reacted. I don't blame my dad for not wanting to take that chance.

Poor Annie has been a real trooper. She'd been a great companion to my mom. She stuck by my mom's side always. My mom was a stay at home wife and it was her and Annie through out the day. At night, Annie always got on my mom's chest to lie down for a while before my mom would shoo her onto the bed so she could breathe and fall asleep.

This last time Annie was in a bad way again with her Addison's. When dad took her in they also discovered she was a diabetic too.A dog who has normal blood glucose is about the same for a around 70 - 140, let's say. Annie's was in the 500 range. The vet said someone would need to monitor her closely for about a month and with my dad working full time that would be an impossible endeavor. After speaking with the vet about options, outcomes, and reality it was decided it would be best to let Annie go to her final rest. She'd suffered enough and I think did a great job at being a great friend/companion for my mom.

Dad likes to think Annie is reclaiming her position back next to my mom again. I would like to think that too.

I feel such a deep heartache for my dad.


Chrissy (The New Me) said...

Oh, my friend. I am so sorry to hear of this loss. It sounds like Annie held on just long enough to be with your mom through her illness and support your dad through the toughest weeks. She sounds like an amazing dog who was well loved, well cared for, and was ready to move on to the next adventure.

Lots of love to you and your dad. <3

Michelle said...

I feel so sad for your dad. :-( Sweet Annie. Sounds like she was an utterly awesome dog.


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