Monday, October 10, 2011

Shopping Success

This weekend has been a great shopping adventure for me. On Friday, I decided to give myself a freebie Friday from the gym. I decided to hit up our very meager mall and see if I could find a dress at JC Penny for a wedding we'll be attending this upcoming weekend.

Not only did I find a dress, but I got a stellar bargain too! That almost never happens to me. To be fair though to the bargain fairies I'm not much of a shopper. This bargain saved me $70+ !!! My mother would be so proud. She was a mighty bargain hunter and refused to ever pay full price, especially when it came to clothing. I left the store paying $10 for this very fun dress:

This is not a style that I would have normally picked out for myself. I'm trying to be a little bolder in my clothing taste these days. With this new post baby body I have felt so yuck about myself. This dress doesn't dissolve the weight I need to lose, but it sure does shine me up a bit. I needed something like this to make me feel pretty.

I ended up finding four dresses for $10 each! I won't list all four, but I will show you my favorite two out of the bunch. Here's the second one:
I know this is displayed sideways but no matter how many times I save it to a portrait orientation it just won't display it here. So, I'm sorry if you get a crick in your neck.

This dress is also very much not my style so I went out on a limb in getting it. Briefly judging the dress on its hanger and on me I had my doubts. I was thinking it looked very matronly, but hell I'm no spring chicken any more either. However, I would like to think it's more retro than matronly. Maybe it's just semantics in the end but it helps me feel better about it. K said I just need a little pill box hat to go with it. :)

***I did not find any dresses at JC Penny. I found all of the dresses from Belk of all places.

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