Monday, September 19, 2011

Meatball Thursday Part II

My review on the Meatball Thursday dish.


Okay, it was better than "enh", but I'm not quite sure it's a keeper or more like a repeat in our house.

K ate two helpings and said he liked it. I'm sure he did too. He is such a good hubby that even if it wasn't all that great he'll say it's great and eat two helpings. He never makes me feel like any dish I made was for nothing and not appreciated that's for sure.

On one hand, it was just a tad too salty for me. Also, I guess maybe it's not fair on my part to say it was enh because I should explain that I am not a big meatball fan. I am a fan of easy and that was why this was appealing. The buttery egg noodles were appealing too. :)

If your family likes meatballs then this is definitely an easy crock pot dish that does have a tasty gravy for the meatballs and noodles. Who knew a cream of celery soup and french onion soup mixed together could make a gravy for meat and pasta.

So, that's my two cents.

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