Friday, March 04, 2011

Gym Fashion

While working out today I noticed that just about every single female in the gym was wearing a pair of Nike Tempo Running Shorts.

 I swear I was like the only female in the whole gym who wasn't wearing a pair. It reminded me of a recent Glee episode of how quickly a trend will catch on. The first time I had seen these brand of shorts was probably three or four years ago and I really wanted a pair. I guess the only thing that stopped me was the price. I just couldn't see myself spending $30 on one pair of shorts.

Plus, I always wondered too if my chub rub problem would have my thighs eating the shorts. Some of you ladies know what I'm talking about if you have thighs like mine. When your thighs touch when you walk sometimes the friction will make a pair of shorts rise up into your crotch and disappear. It's so annoying and not a great look at all, especially when you find yourself walking all crazy trying to keep your shorts from riding up.

Maybe, I'll find a pair on sale one day and be one of the sheep at the gym too. I'm not criticizing others for buying these shorts, because I am a frequent consumer who owns a t-shirt that states, "Target Market". Plus, I haven't seen a girl yet who doesn't look good in their pair of Tempos. I'm a sucker like that.


Chris said...

Zay, they're usually around $24 or less at the Nike Outlet if you're close to one of those. Also sometimes you can find a bargain at the local Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack!

Chrissy (The New Me) said...

I lusted for a pair (I heard that in addition to being cute, they were hands down the best shorts for runners) so I asked for some for Christmas. I now own two pair and they are definitely worth the price tag!

KB said...

I hear that noise. The wrong pair of shorts can end up looking like a bathing suit by the end of a workout. Let me know what you think.


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