Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Running High in Holey Gear

I had the goal of running three miles today.

I met that goal. Yay me! I almost felt like my old fit self again.

Even better was that throughout the whole run nothing sagged, drooped, or rolled. I'm talking about my workout clothes! It's so important to have on clothes that stay in place or don't chaff when you are trying to put in some miles.

I did notice one stinging area where my sports bra rubbed my skin a bit raw, but that is normal wear and tear.

I definitely am in need of buying new workout clothes. Every time I turn around I'm having to throw away another sports bra, because I've had it for a million years. When it looks like Mothra tried to eat your sports bra then it might be time to chunk it in the trash. Just saying.

One of my favorite running shorts that I need to buy more of is actually a Nike skort. It's a tennis skirt, actually. I don't have to worry about underwear lines, camel toe, etc. because there is an attached piece of fabric (the skirt portion) that covers all that worrisome stuff away. The shorts portion of it is spandex (like biker shorts) which is great if you have to worry about chaffing from chub rub.

I'm trying to whip this post-baby body back into shape but I need some new gear, yo!


Michelle said...

Yea! I did three miles yesterday too, albeit walking.

Clothes definitely make a difference. I have two pairs of "magic pants" that I've had for nine years, are still not out of fashion, look new and fit at any weight. My biggest challenge is finding any bra I can wear, ever, without wanting to rip it off after five minutes. :-P

I'm glad you're finding time to work out -- it makes such a huge difference with stress, doesn't it?

Zay said...

It is a great way to work out the stress. I always say it's my way to sweat out the meanness in me. :)


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