Monday, February 07, 2011

Winter Wonderland


About the same time last year we had a nice dump of snow in East Texas.

Well, it snowed again! The university actually shut its doors and let us all have a snow day freebie Friday.

It was a nice day spent at home with my family where we were all snuggled up and cozy. The only time anyone left the house was when K made an evening run to the grocery store and of all things he went to buy ice cream. :)

February 4, 2011


Michelle said...

Lol, I bought ice cream too! Greg thought I was out of my mind. (Unfortunate, since I bought it for him...) I mean, peach cobbler needs ice cream no matter what the temperature is!

Zay said...

K made peach cobbler too! :)

KB said...

I always crave ice-cream in the cold. I think it is the fat I crave, not the cold.


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