Monday, May 03, 2010


My poor neglected blog is about to get a weekend update post.

My dear K went to a doc appt. this past Saturday and was diagnosed with food poisoning. He's had it since last Monday. Luckily, he didn't get as sick as I did when I last had food poisoning. Regardless, it wasn't fun or comfortable for him.

While he was at his doc appointment I was buying baby jewelry. When I finished I hit up the Farmer's Market and ran into all sorts of familiar faces. I wish I had time to sit down and spend a long spell with all. Everyone was in a rush that morning and so was I. It was great seeing everyone.

I got home and soon after K was back too. He and I did manage to have a lunch date with one another on Saturday. After he got some meds from his doc he felt good enough to be away from the house for a bit. We had lunch and then spent some Xmas gift certificates at Starbuck's and got us new coffee mugs and tumblers.

On Sunday, my friend Greg picked me up to do some blackberry picking at his dad's shop. We picked there last year and did pretty well so we hit the area up again this year.

We both split up our berries and each had about four cups worth of blackberries. I used three cups of the berries in a blackberry pie recipe from my MIL. Somehow, the pie did not turn out at all. *Sigh* So, there went three cups of my four cups of berries. Boo.

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Michelle said...

It was great seeing you this weekend. That's a shame about the berries! :-(


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