Saturday, November 07, 2009

Crafts & Minivans

Weekend highlights:

-K and I went for some Mexican cuisine on Thursday night and we ran into Ruby, family, and Connie. We were invited to dine with them and really enjoyed the company. What a great surprise.

-Friday night I met up with friends to watch Handmade Nation. I really enjoyed the film and even more so listening to PolyCotN who was there in person from Knittaplease to talk about her guerrilla knitting art work. I was reinvigorated to create. I actually bought some new yarn to get started on some projects.

-Saturday, K and I headed to Lufkin to do some car browsing at the Toyota dealership. We were there for most of our Saturday. It was a long day. We did leave with one of these:

We are now so not cool. However, it is quite possible that ours is bigger than yours. So there.

I am now happily waiting for K to pick us up some dessert. Advise: Do not watch the Food channel regarding snacks and desserts.


Mary T said...

Congrats! Very excited for y'all. Baby Momo will definitely approve!

Zay said...

Thanks Mary! :) I think the furry babies will be more excited. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I drove a Previa, forerunner to the Sienna, for a gazillion years before I got my Wrangler.

Michelle said...

True, coolness is elusive with a minivan--even if you put Shag cat stickers all over it like I did.'ll love it. They're perfect for dogs and kids. :-D

Chrissy said...

Congrats! Y'all will surely redefine the minivan and elevate it to x-treme coolness!

Zay said...

Thanks everyone! :)

KB said...

Wow! that's a huge purchase. I love my mom's minivan for roadtrips. So comfy.

And I also love knittaplease. I saw a knitting tag on a phone pole and hoped they made their way up here.

Zay said...

kealy, it was a big purchase but so far it's been a fun one. :)


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