Monday, August 24, 2009

K's Bday Weekend

Come and enjoy our Houston adventures.

-Friday started off a bit early since I set up a vet appointment for Toby. It was time for his annual stuff and I had procrastinated long enough in getting him in and out for it. When I got home K and I had a simple brunch together before I got started on packing us all up for our Houston trip. I'm a pretty fast and efficient packer I must say. I think it's from all those years traveling as a military family. We got the car loaded with everything including dogs. We hop in finally and get started...shit...the car doesn't start.

*I had mentioned to K the day before that I had noticed the car seemed to hesitate for just a split second before cranking. You really have to know your car to notice this barely noticeable hesitation but I've recognized something was off.

Luckily, our aunt lives just down the street and was home. She came over to give us a jump start which worked beautifully. After checking out the battery we could tell it was most likely the culprit. It was about five years old and had some corrosion on it. It was definitely time to replace it which K did. We got the car loaded up with the dogs for a second time and started on our way to H-Town.

That evening we went to the usual hot spot with his parents to celebrate K's bday. There were a ton of people we didn't know who were there for K's bday. They were all friends of K's parents and it was a hoot to get to know everyone.

When we got home we followed the routine of the in-law's by taking all the dogs for a walk around the walk. It's pretty hilarious to see all five dogs walking around the block. Poor Toby is so excited that I think sometimes he will explode from all the stimulation. By the time we got back home and cooled off I was ready for bed. It had been a long filled day.

Saturday started off with the boys leaving for lunch, comic books, and tax free sale on clothes. Me and MIL went for lunch and manis and pedis. Pretty cool that I got to be pampered on K's bday weekend too.

When we all met up again we all went over to D&D's house to visit for a while. They have a houseful of foster and forever pets. I always love visiting D&D and their huge furry family.

*um...Toby wasn't over at D&D's house but he wanted to be included too.

We left D&D's and went over to visit another friend of the in-laws. They wanted us to meet up with this friend because he had a little something for K's bday. I didn't take any photos of the guy's place because I didn't know if it would be rude or not. He lives in a high rise in downtown Houston. The view from his 32nd floor home was amazing. I have no clue why I didn't think to take a photo from his balcony. Boo on me. The friend has a super eclectic taste of arts and collectibles. Every square inch of his wall was prime real estate for paintings, photos, restaurant menus, stickers, etc. He took one of his works and gave it to K for his bday and he even had a present for me too!

An acrylic of Kurt Cobain and the necklace we received. (if I misspelled Kurt Cobain I don't care enough to spell check)

After the valet and high rise experience we headed out for some dinner.

K and the gift giving friend.

We went home feeling super full and got on our walking shoes for the nightly ritual of taking the furry hooligans for their walk. Another long well spent day.

Sunday was a day for yummy home cooked breakfast, Korean grocery store shopping, and heading back to Nac. We made it home and put everything up and started some loads of laundry. By the time we got to relax for a moment it was time to head to the aunt and uncles. They took K and I out for bday dinner and we had a really nice time with the family. Before we said our goodnights my lil cousin K was nice enough to let me borrow City of Glass. I'm such a sucker for YA books.

Hope y'all enjoyed our weekend adventures.


KB said...

You sure have perdy toes.

Anonymous said...

If you like YA books, might I suggest:
The Forest of Teeth and Hands
The Hunger Games
Maximum Ride
The Graveyard Book

I have a teen. Don't ask how much I spend at Barnes & Noble. I can't handle YA but these are titles that don't get resold at Half Price so they must be good.

Mary T said...

I lovers your toes! Happy Birthday Kreg! You Mosiers do it up right!


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