Monday, June 08, 2009


I'm still pretty tired from the weekend.

Saturday, I worked for almost three hours in my yard. I pruned the hell out of all the bushes surrounding the house. K eventually joined me and helped me finish up. When we were done we got showered up and headed to Lufkin. I wanted to go to Big Lots and see if they had some chairs that I saw advertised in their flyer on-line. Either our BL didn't get those chairs or they sold out immediately. I still ended up with some yard stuff from there so not all was lost.

When we got home we were ready to relax and we did. We watched "The Fountain" which was okay but not something I could watch again. I spent a lot of the evening reading the fourth book of the Sookie Stackhouse adventures.

Sunday, as I've already documented was spent at Ratcliff Lake with Mary. We were there from around 11:15 a.m. until about 3:30 p.m. It was such a marvelous day of relaxing in a lake. I'm hoping we'll do it again next weekend.

That evening I went over to Chay's. She had invited a bunch of us over so she could share her adventures of Switzerland and France with us. I had a great time and there were so many great foods to eat. Chay shared some UK delectables with us all and educated us on the differences of quality of chocolates we got to eat. You always learn something new at the R's home. :)

It was probably around 10/10:30 by the time I got home which is pretty late for this girl on a work night. I told K of my adventures and he and I hung out until around 11:45. We finally decided to hit the sack around midnight.

By 3 a.m. I hear Toby barking short clipped barks and I also hear a dog outside barking too. I'm thinking ugh who's dog is barking outside. I lie there for a bit and then come to the realization that the dog outside sounds like Josie.

Poor Josie was let outside to do her business around 10 or so and I guess K and I got side tracked and left her out in the yard during the night.

I guess by 3 a.m. she finally decided...Hey guys this isn't funny any more. When I let her in, of course, I felt so horrible that I let her sleep right in the middle of us in the bed.

Well, as you can imagine this morning came way too quickly.


KB said...

Poor Josie. I'm sure she's forgotten already.

Mary T said...

I feel bad for Josie, thinking this is kind of funny. How much does she really like having the new fence? Hee hee. :)


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