Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Time

-Friday night dinner with G & M was pretty nice. It was relaxing and fun. M knows how to throw down in the kitchen and I left feeling quite full and satisfied from the great eats and company.

-Saturday swim at Ratcliff Lake was a good time. K actually agreed to go and D went with us too. Met up with the MRTs and some of their family and C and N came too! :)

Late Saturday D came over to watch Underworld: Rise of the Lycans with us. The movie wasn't all that satisfying, unfortunately.

-Sunday was spent in pj's and with Sookie Stackhouse book 5. I finally showered when it was time to head to M & K's for a late bday get together for Chay. It was a sweltering day but it was good summertime fun in the front yard eating some tasty dishes and drinking cold beverages. It was also my second day of getting to eat watermelon. Mmmm. I love watermelon.

Late Sunday we heard the doorbell ring and Steve was there delivering us some brownies as a thank you to K for assisting with the NacaLuau. Wow! Brownies being delivered to my front door is without a doubt super duper awesome.

This was definitely a fun time summer themed weekend. The only thing I didn't end up doing was going to the Blueberry Festival. I'm okay with that, though, because by the time I could go it was already hotter than Hades outside.

Now I wish I were back at home reading Sookie Stackhouse book 7. I'm addicted, y'all. Peace out.

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KB said...

I never got into the blueberry festival. I tried. Maybe I should have tried a little harder.


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