Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Weekend Recap

Weekend List of Events:

-Friday evening my friend Sarah came over to visit and to eat dinner with us. She lives in Arkansas now so we sorely miss her and the hubby. She requested to eat at T's Sandwiches so we headed to the mall and indulged in pho, summer rolls, and boba tea. It was so nice to get to spend some time with her.

-Saturday afternoon K and I went over to R & B's so that the boys could rehearse for that evening's talent show. Afterward, K and I went to Wally World to find a few accessories for K's costume. We headed home and relaxed for a while before getting ready for that evening's big NacaLuau.

We were not disappointed by the luau this year or any year for that matter.

So, Saturday was a long day and ended up being a long night that went into the morning.

-On Sunday morning I decided that I would mow the lawn. K went for groceries and I went outside to start my adventure with the lawn mower. By the time K got back he took over the mowing and did the remainder of the yard. I like team work. :)

Late afternoon Sarah came over to say her goodbyes to us. By early evening K and I were at the aunt and uncles and they grilled up a tasty dinner. Salmon, chicken, grilled veggies (beets, squash, zucchini), baked beans, cole slaw, potato salad, and blueberry cobbler for dessert. We were in such a food coma by the time we went home.

It was a pretty fantastic weekend.


Michelle said...

Hey girl--I'm totally missing T's! It's been a while since Greg and I have been, and that place was the death knell of my low carb diet...those sandwiches!

We almost went to the luau. Bronchitis ended up choosing to make me stay home. Greg was worn out, too. Next year!

Anyway, dinner soon!

Zay said...

Michelle, I was wondering what happened to y'all. :) Are you on a diet now that doesn't allow T's? If so I feel for ya girl. Whoever had bronchitis I hope is fully recovered by now.

KB said...



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