Sunday, May 31, 2009


This past Saturday was the NacaLuau. Many of us wait all year for this event. Many out of towners come in for this event. The talent show this year was pretty hilarious and some how I got roped into performing in an act.

Do y'all see that trophy in the middle there? Yes. That trophy. Number 1 - Top Banana. Special K, Master B, Fly Girl R, and me won first place at the no talent Talent Show. We are so proud. Heh.

More photos forth coming if I can find some without too much debauchery. :)

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KB said...

Hell yeah! Tell me somebody videoed it ... please.

B said...

Yeah, we wanna see vids!!! What, may I ask, is YOUR stage name?? Whisper it to me!!

Zay said...

B, I was just Fly Girl S..nothing fancy. heh.


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