Friday, December 12, 2008

Sick Bully

It's been a pretty busy week so far and I feel like I am swimming through it all in slow motion. It's probably because I have a head cold.

On Sunday Toby acted a bit listless and slept a lot. Monday he still seemed to be a bit under the weather and even puked up breakfast but he kept dinner down. Tuesday morning I had to almost push him towards his food bowl and I knew he really was sick by then. There's no obstacle between Toby and food. Both of my dogs are garbage disposals so we know things are not well if either of them lose their appetite. Toby did not keep his breakfast down and quietly vomited next to K's chair while he was eating breakfast. K didn't even hear Toby vomit. K just looked down and saw Toby staring at the curtains and noticed a big puddle of puke. Toby didn't keep Tuesday's dinner down either.

Wednesday, we dropped Toby off at vet. We told them that Toby was not keeping his food down, had pooped very little, and had no appetite. We also told them we were concerned of a possible intestinal blockage because in his puke K saw a small piece of plastic that came off of a plastic chew toy that he had destroyed.

The vet was concerned too especially because Toby is a bully breed and they are well known for eating wacky things. They told us they'd do four xrays, barium, and possible meds and a guesstimate of it costing around $300. *gulp* When we went to pick Toby up at the end of the business day the vet wanted to keep Toby overnight for observation and also morning xrays. They wanted to see if the barium would flow all the way through his intestinal tract by morning time.

When we get to work on Thursday I called in to get a status on Toby and was told the barium flowed through the intestinal tract and he looked good on the inside with no blockage. Yay! They wanted to keep him a bit longer to make sure that he'd keep his breakfast down after giving him some meds. K and I picked up the little guy when we ended the work day and he was spunky and acted like himself. :)

The vet assistant who handed him over said he was so sweet and well behaved and she was sorry to see him go. K and I preened like proud parents. We also secretly chuckled and thought she only saw this bully when he was under the weather and hadn't seen him at his prime when he's at bully level 15.

We got some wet food given to us that was a bland food perfect for recovering pups, meds, our bully, and a $500 bill that made me drop dead on the spot.

Toby had a bug that made him vomity and gaseous. That ended up costing us a small fortune. If we had never seen that piece of plastic in his vomit I doubt we would have gone to the vet.

Oh well. I guess we decided it was better to be safe than sorry.

Now, I'm going back to dropping dead. *sigh*


KB said...

Yikes! I'm glad he's feeling better.

Chaybee said...

I'm glad Toby is better too.. but sorry YOU have a head cold. No fun!

Zay said...

Kealy and Chay: The Tobester sends wet stinky kisses your way. :)

Mary T said...

I know the $500 is a hard blow to take, but what if you *hadn't* taken action and had lost your baby terrierist? I have had such a financial loss on Molly's behalf, but no amount of money in the world could console me if I didn't have her. Think of that $500 as an investment in your sanity. Hugs and kisses to you, your bank account, and zee recovering Toby!

amy said...

i hope toby knows that will be coming out of his allowance for like forever!! :-) i still think josie tried to poison him.


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