Monday, December 08, 2008

Hi ya!

Thursday - Home again, home again. The Carnival Fun Ship's beds are devine. Our bed was so damn comfortable! However, it was nice to come home and sleep in my own bed again.

Friday - I slept until 9:45/10:00! K was gone running errands so I took the dogs out for a 45 min walk. I don't think I ever left the house on Friday other than to walk the dogs. I did get our Christmas tree up and decorated. In the evening I spent several hours on the internet. I had many emails to go through and plus no internet for almost two weeks makes you miss it just a little. Laundry was also a must and I got plenty of that done and over with. It was nice to sit down in the evening gazing at my lit up decorated tree. Yay!

Saturday - I woke up to two pups who were exuberant about their morning walk. After finishing walking and jogging with them I gave the pups a bath and then finished with my own shower. K's aunt picked me up around 1:00 and took me to a friend's house where they were having a holiday extravaganza. There were three ladies who were selling handmade jewelry, handmade scarves, and Mary Kay make-up. There were some really pretty items there. I was able to holiday shop a bit.

I ended up over at the Aunt's house where I showed the Aunt and Uncle some photos of our trip. K picked me up from there so we could find our first meal for the day at around 4:00 p.m. Afterward, we did some shopping at Hobby Lobby where I was able to find some ornaments and lights and before we knew it was already around 6 p.m. We high-tailed it over to Steve's to find parking before downtown was blocked off completely.

We joined our friends to watch the downtown Nine Flags Festival Lighted Parade. It ended with fireworks and we all went back to Steve's to stand by a fire. I stayed mostly inside the house where the food and beverages were. :) I wish I had a photo of Pat in his Santa outfit and Miss Ruby in her two costume changes for the night. Her first outfit she could have been the 1950s bombshell Mrs. Santa and the second outfit involved a beautiful long mink coat.

Sunday - I woke up to my alarm that was set for 9 a.m. I had a skate date with Merci. We decided instead of skating all over campus that we missed just skating in a circle for a change and went to the park where there is an outdoor court that is smooth enough to skate on. It was nice to do cross over after cross over and just chit chat the whole time. We always reward ourselves with coffee after skating. It's a good reward. :)

Later in the day K and I decorated the front yard for the holidays. Nothing too fancy and surely not too abundant. I like to keep it pretty simple because I don't want to have to take down a ton of stuff when the holidays are over.

We got a quick visit by D & F. They were nice enough to grab me some Japanese sweet potatoes while they were shopping at Central Market on Saturday. Yay!

I spent a lot of my night on the couch in front of the tv and snuggled up with the Toby.

Monday - Here we are. Back to reality.

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