Monday, November 03, 2008

Is it Monday Already?

When my alarm went off this morning I groaned and wished it wasn't Monday already. I had such a fun packed weekend and was finally feeling the exhaustion from it all Sunday night around 9 p.m. I knew Monday morning would come too quick and it would be painful.

It started on Thursday with going out to dinner with friends and enjoying our ritual Tex-Mex. Friday night we had dinner plans once again over at the Kings. They were great hosts and I love stuffed baked acorn squash! Both of those nights were pretty relaxed with just hanging out with friends and eating favorite.

Saturday, I had a date with my pups and we took a nice long hour walk/run at Pecan Park and the trail. Once I got home I was a big ball of 'do nothing.' I watched recorded shows on the DVR and I even took a nap, which is pretty unusual for me. I'd see K every once in a while go into the backyard to throw more fake blood onto my shirt or to conjure of chunks of brain matter for my outfit. It wasn't until around 7:00 p.m. where I finally got my lazy butt into action and started to get myself ready for Merci and Tracy's annual Halloween bash. It's usually a big to do and this year they did their best to keep it on the down low. However, it didn't work. By the time we left the party around 1 a.m. there were people still driving into the woods to find the costume party.

It was a great time and there were so many neat costumes. I love that Nac peops take Halloween so seriously.

By the time we got home and I washed all the gunk off of my face and the smell of bonfire smoke off my body I was in bed by 1:45, I think. Buuut...I got to set the clock back one hour so it was really 12:45. I set my alarm for 8 a.m. Sunday morning. Ugh. I woke up with a slight hangover and the need for about two more hours of sleep.

Once I rubbed the bleariness from my eyes and sat in the passenger seat as K took me and Chrissy to Mary's I was fully aware and awake. Mary drove us to Houston to check out some of her old haunts, but really we went for the food, an adventure, and each other's company.

We all agreed to have lunch at Van Loc's and I must say I cannot wait to eat there again. This quaint Vietnamese restaurant had a long list of vegetarian cuisine and I want to be able to sample every dish from there. I do believe all three of us girls were in heaven.

Our original plan was to hit a huge quilting show but in the end we decided we'd keep our 10 bucks (the cost of entry into the quilt show) and go across the street to check out fancy fabrics galore. Also, we hit up a four story building filled with modern hip furniture that had price tags that hit you in the gut and then stole your wallet as you lie there sucker punched.

We were in much need of some caffeine after covering all four floors of the fancy pants furniture store so we went to Agora. It was a cozy coffee shop ran by some heavily accented baristas who were hard to understand as they barked at you. It added to the atmosphere, I think. I read that you could catch some belly dancing there but I witnessed none of that unfortunately.

We walked from Agora to Buffalo Exchange and had a looky see over there. I tried on some things but ended up with nada. Our last stop was Central Market and I do love that place. I was able to find my Japanese sweet potatoes there. Also, I was able to get K his egg and onion matzo crackers and also his peppermint Dr. Bronner's liquid soap. We decided it was finally time to say goodbye to city life. We all loaded back up in the car and headed back for Nac or as we called it that day "the country."

We didn't get home until around 8:30/9:00 p.m. K had some couscous ready for me and then gave me a cup filled with snickerdoodle ice cream. *siiiigh* Yay. Home sweet home.

I had a fabulous time this weekend. Let's do it again!


Chrissy said...

give me a few more days to recover. then i'll be ready to do it all again!

Mary T said...

Ditto! Thanks for your great company yesterday. I had a blast!

Anonymous said...

I love Van Loc's with that crazy plate of Asian greens. I can never remember what I order but the peanut sauce tofu and the coconut curry are really good. I also like Thai Pepper on West Alabama & Shepherd and if you like Indian, you have to go to India's over in the Galleria area. De-freakin-licious and they're veg friendly.

KB said...

I never knew how much I loved Vietnamese food until I tried it. It is a favorite for sure!


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