Saturday, November 01, 2008

halloweeny 2008

It's scary outside. It's been hard staying ahead of the zombies. We're always having to watch our backs. I don't know how many I've killed. Some days we wish we were one of them just to get it over with. It's been a while since we've found other survivors. Lately, I've been having difficulties distinguishing what's real and what's not.
Yesterday, I looked over to say something to K only to find he wasn't there. Am I really alone? Have I made up all this time that K has survived with me just to not lose my mind? I think I'm going crazy. I'm sure K will be back soon. Maybe, I'll go outside to look for him.

Happy Halloween!
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Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Zombie Haiku book at Barnes & Noble? Funny stuff.

Mary T said...



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