Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I survived Ike

We survived Hurricane Ike. We are safe and the house seems to have escaped damage. However, we are on day four of having no power. I do count my blessings, though, that we are having a cool spell in the evenings. Last night we actually had to use covers because it was in the 50s.

Thanks to everyone near and far for all the texts and phone calls. It's nice to know if anything happened to K and I maybe we wouldn't be dead long enough for any of our animals to eat us. Someone out there would notice there was no K & S. :)

Seriously, though, I'm thankful all that are near and dear to us are safe.

I'm saddened by all the photos I have viewed today of Galveston.


Chaybee said...

You are MORE THAN WELCOME to come over to our place.. You guys can even stay over. We have a spare bed and electricity to boot.

Zay said...

chay, you and your crew are a wonderful bunch. :) (((HUGS)))


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