Friday, July 11, 2008

wiiiiiiiii & pups

Chrissy and I are cooking up a storm here on the Wii.

**The pups are trying to ignore that they are in the same room together.

Who knew that cooking could be so exciting? Let's see who can chop and peel the fastest!

**Please don't laugh at Toby. He was already humiliated enough with his unwanted accessory.

Both dogs seemed to think that we were paying way too much attention to the game and not enough attention to them. Spoiled brats.

**Toby knows you are laughing and isn't pleased.

(Chrissy hurry back from Mexico. You are missed.)
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Chrissy said...

aw! what a great post. i like how seamus is still licking his injured nose in the first picture. so pathetic. and i am back from mexico! but i am exhausted, so i'll tell you all about it tomorrow!


Pacer said...

I like how you both have on your wrist-straps, just like all the best pro wiiers do it.

We should get on there and play together sometime, like the cool kids do. Do you have yours hooked up to the internet?

Zay said...

pacer...yeah! i don't know my wii number so i'll get that to you either tonight or this weekend. suh-weet! :) did you get the wii fit board yet?


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