Sunday, July 06, 2008

The story of Toby & Seamus...this is not a love story.

In the beginning there was Toby and Seamus. They started off with a walk around the neighborhood and then tried to get to know each other a bit better when we got back to the house. Toby was his usual ball of energy and curiosity. Seamus had to tell Toby a couple of times how things were going to be. Toby ended up thinking, "You aren't the boss of me."
In the middle of our story there was a skirmish involving fur, teeth, and blood. Toby had reiterated that no Seamuses were bosses of him and gave Seamus a couple of scratches on his nose. Seamus wanted to make sure that we all understood what just happened to him as he snorted blood all over the kitchen floor. It was a bit dramatic for such small war wounds but I can understand his demand of sympathy.
At the end of of the story poor Toby is wrapped up like Hannibal. Do we call this a successful dog date? Hrm. Well, it was a good first try.
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Chrissy said...

Seamus says, you forgot about the part where he bit off Toby's front legs. Oh wait. That didn't happen? Maybe Seamus just dreamed that. ;)

We'll have to try again. And if doesn't end well, at least Seamus will get to play the sympathy card for a few more days. <3

Mary T said...

Toby wrapped up like Hannibal! Oh LOL! LOL indeed! :) (not LOL to your wounds, Seamus)

Jeromy Barber said...

this is really funny!

KB said...

Hannibal! mary, you took he words out of my mouth.


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