Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Overview

-Decided last minute to get together with some girlfriends for good company, adult beverages, and curry and rice was an awesome plan. Ending the evening with warm brownies and milk in my tummy was perfect.

-Walked the dogs and felt so proud of how well they walked with me and fooling the neighbors in thinking that they never do wrong. They also walked fabulously with Seamus on a very warm muggy Saturday evening.

-Played "Cooking Momma" with Chrissy and I'm surprised my right arm isn't sore from all the stirring and chopping with the wii remote.

-Separated Seamus and Toby from a disagreement and had to end up wiping up Seamus' blood from our kitchen floor. He just had some nicks on his nose which ended up being superficial wounds, but when Seamus let out a huff through his nose it looked like a murder scene dumped out on to the floor. Eek! What a scare that was and hopefully their next meeting won't be so dramatic. Josie on the other hand stayed back and I think visibly rolled her eyes at their foolish boy behavior.

-Drank wine and philosophized with Chrissy until 3 a.m. She and Seamus ended up sleeping over.

I am ready to hit the rewind button to start the weekend over but luckily this is a short work week so I'll opt to move ahead and see what next weekend brings me.


Chrissy said...

Seamus is fine now. I think he's a little proud of his "war wounds." He keeps strutting around with his nose in the air!

thanks for a great dinner & chat & bed & coffee. i had a lot of fun, though i sure paid for it yesterday!


Pacer said...

I've been wanting to try cooking mama - tell me more!

We've been playing Mariokart obsessively for two weeks now - it's a sickness!


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