Wednesday, June 25, 2008

let me see you sweat

This is me Tuesday night after step aerobics at the Rec Center. How can a person sweat this much without passing out from dehydration?? Can you see the sweat stains?? No...never mind...don't look that closely. It's Wednesday night now and my calves are feeling a bit tight. Goodnight.
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Chrissy said...

my calves are tight, too! but i'm going back tonight. i just pretend the sweat is a million little toxins flowing out of my skin. and then i wipe my forehead and step, step, step again!

Mary T said...

You don't look sweaty to me--you look like an inspiration! I want to be like you and Chrissy when I grow up; or rather when I stop growing out! :)

Zay said...

chrissy, even though i have my fab messican nite, i'm a little jealous that you are going for round two. :)

mary, i don't really advise looking too closely but i have a sweat stain that covers about half of the word "target" on my chest.

Zay said...

mary...i take that back the sweat stain goes a little further down past the word "target." ew!


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