Monday, May 12, 2008

Zee Weekend

Weekend Highlights

-It wasn't the best dinner but it was fun to catch up with D&F at IHOP on Friday night. We knew that just about every restaurant would be packed that night since so many people were in town for Saturday's Commencement at the university. We also went by Hastings after dinner and spent some cash on books and magazines.

-I went to the Farmer's Market for the first time and got some good looking onions, strawberries, and two little 4 o'clock plants. I ran into Greg & Michelle and got to catch up with Michelle about her buying a new home. I also ran into Chrissy and Nathan. The Farmer's Market is a happening place.

-The pups and I took a long walk/short jog when I got home from the Farmer's Market. They enjoyed it and I needed it.

-I made a Dutch Baby Pancake for the first time in my brand new cast iron pot. It was exciting to see that bad boy rise so quickly.

-I made a delicious miso soup. I had to call my mom and ask if I could chop off the green stalks attached to my Farmer's Market onions and use it or would I just toss that part. I guess I never had onions from a garden before so the green stalks confused me. Heh. I chopped up the green stalks and threw those into my miso soup along with some sweet potato starch noodles.

-K and I watched the documentary, "Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price." It was disturbing and made me cringe, but I somehow found myself at Wal-Mart over the weekend any ways.

-I made a cell phone accessory out of beads that makes me smile and skip a bit.

-I went to the flea market with K's aunt and cousin. I found terrific bargains on Corelle serving dishes and Corning Ware. The day was one of the most gorgeous days ever. The day was bright and sunny, warm with a cool breeze, and a perfect day to roam from one table to another at the flea market.

-On the same day K and I went over to his aunt and uncle's house for a bbq. K made a rice salad and cous cous. K's aunt made her delish potato salad and baked beans. Just these things alone filled me up and just when I thought I had enough K's aunt served up a home made carrot cake too. Mmmm.

-I talked with my friend Leena for an hour or so and caught up with her. She was my best friend when I lived in Aschaffenburg, Germany. We met in the sixth grade. She just recently moved back to Waco from Atlanta and I foresee visiting her some time soon.

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