Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fleamark Finds

K's aunt called up to see if I wanted to go to the flea market on late Sunday morning. I hadn't been to the flea market in years. I don't know why since it is something that I usually like to do. I guess now owning a house the hunt is a bit more fun. The first table I came upon I saw some Corelle coffe cups that caught my eye. It's not really a color or a print that would catch my eye but I did like the shape and the feel of the coffee cups. There were eight of them with saucers. As you can see I also got some plates too. Normally, I would have just kept going but when the owner yelled out that all of it was mine for $2 you can of course see why I couldn't help but to just hand over the money and take my find with me.
I looked on Ebay to see if I could find and recognize this print so I would know what it is called. If it's correct on Ebay this is an "Old Town Blue Onion" print.
The handles on these coffee cups fit my fingers so neatly. I've been needing smaller coffee cups for when I have guests over. K and I have mostly large coffee mugs and they will empty a coffee pot quickly.
I also found this little but deep corningware pan with lid for $3. It has the blue cornflower print on it, which I think is a pretty common print to find. I think I did well at the flea market today.
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Mary T said...

Definitely not a bad haul for $5. Well done! I love corning ware. Mine has the same design and it's ancient (60s? 70s? only my mom knows for sure!), but timeless in its infinite usefulness!

Chrissy said...

adorable! i'm jealous of your find. none of my tableware matches, so this is extra fancy in my mind.

Zay said...

Mary: When I look at my new Corning Ware all I can think about is melting cheese in it. :)

Chrissy: The flea market has some great finds. I totally recommend hunting around for some kitchen treasures there.

Pacer said...

It looks like you went shopping in my parents' attic!

jc said...

my mom still had the corningwear piece in the same print.. hey, did all our moms know each other or was blue cornflower print the only one going in the 60s?

Zay said...

Pacer: you could have saved me the trip to the flea market and just mailed me your mom's crap. :)
But I don't think I could have done any better than spending the total of five bucks.

JC: our mom's probably got free corning ware with like every fifth loaf of bread that they bought or something like that. heh.

Mod-erator said...

Add me to the list, my mom had that corningware pattern too! Also, can I get that miso soup recipe?

have a good week!

Zay said...

marty...i can try and give you the miso recipe...i really don't have any measurements to give you since i do it all by taste. :)

jc said...

i've tried her miso soup, it is worth trying out if you can figure out the measurements! yummmm-y!


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