Monday, March 24, 2008

weekend highlights

Good Friday ended up being a pretty good Friday, since the university pres. was nice enough to give us the day off. I started my day by taking the two pups for a walk. It was a challenging walk since Josie made mad bolts towards every squirrel she saw. I eventually had to take the dogs back home after about 40 minutes before I lost my cool with Josie. She is a very good dog and minds pretty well but when it comes to small critters my girl has such a high prey drive that she forgets who I am and where she is. All she sees is...SQUIRREL!!!!!!!

I went back out after handing the dogs over to K at home and continued to exercise. I jogged for a while but by then I was pretty tired.

K and I met up with D & F for a very nice lunch at Shelly's downtown. It was K and my first time there to eat and even though the prices were a bit high we enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed my fresh fruit tart that I had taken home with me. We met up with D & F later on for some shopping. We hadn't hit Lufkin together with them in forever and it was really nice to hang out like old times.

I had scored by finding some Pumas that used to be around 70 bones and were knocked down to 10. I also got a pant and shirt on sale that were under 20 bucks together and I had a gift card to pay for it.

After talking with my mom for about two hours on Saturday I decided to hit the pavement in my neighborhood. I was determined to see if I could accomplish a 3 mile run (when I say "run" what I mean is a slow shuffled jog). I used to plot out a 3 mile run on my street and I battled it out within myself and pulled off a 3.25 mile run. I was pretty stoked and awfully relieved when I could stop running. :)

Afterwards, I walked around my yard taking photos of all the plantlife coming to life. When I came back into the house K offered to make french toast and eggs. Score!

K and I hung out at the house for most of the day. By evening time we got ready to visit with our friend Dave who drove in from Austin to visit with his mom since it was her birthday. We hung out with him and his family until about 1 a.m. His mom has candy all over the house and she collected every candy-filled bowl and put them all on the coffee table. We all ate chocolates until my teeth hurt. Mmmm.

Sunday was a total lounge about day. We did nothing for Easter and I didn't even take a shower. You heard me.

K did make a nice dinner of roast, steamed green beans, corn on the cob, and a cheese bread. We also had vanilla bean ice cream for dessert and I covered mine with a sweet red bean.

We watched a movie called "Southland Tales" and I did not enjoy it at all.

I am ready to start this new week but only with the thoughts of hoping that a new weekend will arrive quickly.

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