Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Explosion

Well, I must say that this Saturday has been event filled.

I started it by waking up at 6:15 a.m. I had a 5K to attend and not just attend but to participate in. K and I went to the stadium on campus and saw Chrissy there and we promptly registered for the fun run. K came for support and to hold bags and keys. Thanks baby!

Chrissy and I made it all the way through the run and because of Chrissy I had broken my own personal record. I huffed and puffed through it all but I'm glad that I challeneged myself instead of deciding to just stay behind at my usual turtle shuffle. I normally run 3 miles in about 40 min. but I completed 3.1 today at 33 min 59 sec. Yay!

After the 5K, K and I said our goodbyes to C and we headed home. I called my mom and we chatted it up for a while. During that time K got a call from a friend asking if he wanted to go shooting today. We both thought it sounded like a good day to shoot. I got ready and K got our weapons ready for transport.

We had to run some errands before heading to the make shift range. One of our stops was lunch and then to Hobby Lobby.

We finally found some alphabet beads that I had been looking for but then i found nothing else on my list. Well...but I did happen to find this which was on sale for 50% off:

It's a craft organizer from The Paper Studio. Originally, I found a pretty sage green and brown organizer but there was a flaw in it so I ended up with a pretty baby blue and brown organizer. We also made a trip to Wally World in search of the items on my list. One of which was a coin purse but I decided to forego the crafting idea that involved said purse and got men's hankerchiefs instead. We left WW without looking back and headed for promises of paper targets and things that go boom.

We found our shooting partners and then drove out in a three car caravan to a friend's property out in the boonies to fire off our weapons. I got to practice firing off my ruger and K fired off his new 9mm. There were some weapons there that every time they were fired I could feel the blast through the core of my body. I had ear protection on thank goodness but I cannot stand having those squishy ear plugs in my ears. I think we will invest in ear muffs the next time we head to Wally World or Academy's.

After all our ammo was spent it was time to give up the guns and go home. I told K that I didn't know why but after shooting I was starving! It was like I had just swam for two hours or something. We picked up some McNasty on the way home where I ate like the little hungry piggy that I was.

It is 7:25 p.m. and I am just now feeling the ache in my legs from the 5K, the slight ache in my hands from firing heavy weapons, and the ache in my gut from McNasty. It has been a very full day.


Chrissy said...

i like that craft organizer! swanky.

Pacer said...

That's an action-packed day! I'm envious!

KB said...

wowie zowie!

The ground was covered with ice this morning. I'm totally going to run a race when I won't freeze outside.

I'm so proud of you!

Zay said...

chrissy: i have stuffed all of my embroidery tools and items into the organizer. i was thinking about going back to get another but i think there was only one left that had a tear in it.

pacer: my action packed saturday sure made me appreciate my sloth sunday. :)

kealy: thanks! and i'm sending warm thoughts your way.

Chrissy (The New Me) said...

I saw this post via the linked within widget and was getting all nostalgic for our first 5K. Fun times!

Zay said...

Chrissy, I know!! I'm also nostalgic about that pre-baby body. HA. Love you, sister girl. :)


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