Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sweet Saturday

The weekend isn't over yet. Thankfully, it is still going strong.

Last night C & N came over to hang out and it was a definite treat. I wish we had thought to get on film the DDR action going on in our casa. I would have liked to seen some of that action up on We had a fun time and hope to get to do it again soon.

I met up with C & N again today at the gym and we all rendezvoused at the track with M. M and I got in a mile together before she had to rush off to get ready for work. N ran like a gazelle around the track like 50 times and quit out of boredom. C rode the recumbent bike heading for imaginary hills and roadside adventures.

I ended up running another mile and was pretty tired.

When I got home I goofed off for a little while on the computer and immensely enjoyed the time spent drinking my coffee. K and I went out to find a late lunch and afterwards shopped for various items at:

-the ole Tractor Supply Store: We like to buy a brand of dog food there for our furry children. Also, the pups lucked out because we caved in and bought a chew toy for destructive chewers. We'll see how long that toy will last in the jaws of life we call Toby.

-Hobby Lobby: I bought a paint by number canvas kit. If you are snickering at me...shuddup. So what if I'm an art graduate. I'm also lazy. K bought a silk screening kit because it was on sale and an absolute steal.

-Goody's: I found one shirt that I thought fit me well and some fun accessories. K found several things on clearance that were cool and I was jealous. I have a hard time finding clothes on sale in my size. I'm thinking about going back tomorrow by myself so I'll have more time to really browse and not torture K.

-Fresh Harvest: It was grocery shopping time so we got it over with before we headed back to the casa.

It is already early evening and I'm trying to not dread the arrival of Sunday. I know it's a negative thing to do but I start to dread the arrival of Monday on Sunday. Oh well, I have just one more week of work and then my parents will arrive and I'll be on vacation for two weeks. Word.

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