Thursday, February 21, 2008


A few things that have been on my mind:

-I really really need to figure out how to improve my wardrobe. I am sick to death of seeing what is in my closet. I need a "What Not to Wear" make over. **Someone nominate me for the show even though I doubt they'll ever make a trip to East Texas.

-My parents are arriving in about week and I desperately want to get the house just right but I cannot find the motivation to get started. I need to empty out the closet in the guest bedroom. I would also like to get rid of some of the boxes that are still piled in my garage. It's funny how this house is bigger than my last house but I cannot figure out how I had all of my stuff fit in the old place and cannot get it to fit in the new place.

-I've been trying to think of places that I can take my parents that are in the near by area. Maybe a shopping trip to Tyler and visiting the roses too. I have no idea if the roses are even in bloom at this time. There's also the Tyler zoo. My parents like to gamble so maybe a trip to the boats in Shreveport. My parents aren't hard to please and wouldn't even mind just staying at home and chillin', but I would prefer taking them to see some of the East Texas sights. **Anyone have any suggestions?


Chrissy said...

I love the Tyler Zoo!

Chrissy said...

Also in Tyler, there is a custard shop that makes the best ice-cream like concoctions ever. I think it's the only one in Texas - my boss will know. I'll ask her for you.

Mary T said...

That custard place is good. Andy's or something--right on 69. But alas, it is not the only frozen custard place in Texas. My personal favorite is called Wild About Harry's in downtown Dallas.

There are lots of things to do in ETX though--let me think if I can come up with a good list, especially of seasonal stuff.

As far as the roses, the garden is open all year, but I think maybe March is peak? That might not be right. I bet you could call the CVB in Tyler though and find out.

It will soon be azalea time all over ETX and that will be anamazing show of color.

Also! There is a town called Big Sandy, near my parents' town, that is famous for this gigantomous amazing field of daffodils in bloom and that is happening now I think. I can find out more info. There's always the oil museum in Kilgore, and the history and charm of Jefferson.


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