Monday, January 14, 2008

Friday Night Recap

Friday night: I picked up my friend Angel and we hit the local skating rink. The place was fairly empty when we got there and saw some of my ex-derby girls. It was so exciting to be there knowing that we were all going to skate and have some fun.

It was pretty surprising how crowded the rink got. There were flailing children every where and also some smooth skating teens who were getting their mack on. It was pretty exhilirating and scary to skate through such a small packed skate floor.

Luckily, at no time did the skating staff members do their most brilliant maneuver called the "black out" where they turn off all the lights and turn on the strobe lights. The first time I got to experience that I was baffled that anyone would ever think that was a good idea. I do believe that is how my friend Merci's out of town friend almost lost his ear one night when he crashed into a metal pole on the fence railing. The collision had almost torn off his ear and he had to get it stitched back on that night in the ER. Collisions and seizures probably go around a plenty during the "black out."

It was awesome to just be out there and skate and also shake my boo-tay to the music. It was terribly amusing to see how out of skate-shape a lot of us ex-derby girls were. We used to skate for two hours during our practices from two to three times a week and now some of us could barely skate for 20 minutes without needing a break. Ha! A lot of us ex-derby girls and friends are joining a plain ole simple "i love to skate" club. No meetings and no leadership dilemmas...just plain ole' fun! I cannot wait to get out there again.

After all the skate madness we all high tailed it over to a local bar, "Stuffed Willies," that is just down the street from me. It was karaoke night and it is just about all ya need including beer to titillate my girls. It ended up being a country western bar so it was an interesting environment but that doesn't stop any of these women from busting out a tune. When these derby and ex-derby girls get together and hit a joint we usually take it over. Luckily, this was a good crowd of people and they let us take the joint over and had fun with it.

I was pretty laid back most of the night and sang along with some well known tunes but not from the stage. The only time that I could not stay seated is when the dance floor filled up because "Push It" was being played/sung (rapped?). I love me some old skool rap.

I think us girls also need a out on the town dance night too.

By the time K and I got home that evening I stunk of cigarettes and had no voice left. I went to bed exhausted and happy.

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