Friday, December 14, 2007

Looking forward to good times...

The weekend is almost here and I am prepared for it.

Tonight I will be with my crafting group of gals and I anticipate the fantastic time I'll have with these ladies. Whether we're discussing recipes or bowel movements there is a smile on my face to where my cheeks start to ache.

Saturday will be a day of work and play. I have an appointment to motivate and exercise a fun lady in the a.m. Afterwards, I'll rush home to shower so that K and I can hit the road towards Lufkin. We're going to watch, "I am Legend." I hope it turns out to be almost near as good as the book.

I predict we'll have a fire in the fireplace in the evening and if the German and her beau can make it over there will be some Skipbo going on.

Sunday, the poor hubby will have to go into work and I'll have a 3 o'clock date to make C sweat and hopefully not curse me.

It's going to be a busy weekend but luckily it's all fun things. *Except the part where K has to work on Sunday.

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Pacer said...

Skipbo!! I LOVE that game!


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