Monday, December 17, 2007

Hello, It's Me Margaret...

The days of December have been going by at light speed and I cannot keep up! I just want to laze about and stare at the pretty fire in the fireplace in the evenings. What I should be doing is finishing up my Christmas shopping and getting everything wrapped up. But I don't wanna!

Here is my weekend recap....

Friday: I hardly did any crafting at the "Bring Your Own Craft" (BYOC) night with my girls. I brought my finished crocheted scarf and just weaved in the ends and voila! I now have a wearable scarf. I enjoyed yapping it up with the girls until a little after midnight. I truly adored when Mary and Cindy serenaded us all with a song or two from "Annie."

When I got home I was still a bit amped up from BYOC and didn't go to bed right away. Instead I stayed up with K and we watched "Rules of Attraction." I finally laid my head on pillow around 2 something and had to wake up in five hours to call my mom.

Saturday: I had an exercise date with C and we met up at the mall. It was still wet outside and definitely cold so walking in the mall was a bit weird but it was definitely a treat.

When I got home I took the two pups for their walk and jogged a bit with them. When we got in the house I finally plopped down on the floor and had a cup of coffee and snuggled up with Toby. I took my time getting up off the floor to take my shower. K and I had a date to watch, "I am Legend." It turned out to be an entertaining movie but it was not the book at all. They just used the character's name from the book, but I wasn't upset about it. The movie turned out to be pretty decent so that is what counted.

Once we got back home we lounged about and did our own thing. I ended up practicing a new crochet stitch, since I hardly ever stray from the single stitch. Miss Chay had asked me to help her sometime with the double stitch so I practiced that stitch for quite a while. I think I am now ready to show my skills. :)

Sometime later in the night the German and her beau, D, came over and enjoyed the fireplace and played some Skipbo.

I think I went to bed around 1 something that night but dreaded having to set my alarm clock again. I woke up to the alarm and rolled out of bed and took care of the animals and grumped my way around the house.

Sunday: When Chrissy called in the a.m. about walking I totally bailed on her and was way, jose...I don't wanna!

But it took about 10-15 minutes for my coffee to cool down the grumps and I called her back and she graciously agreed to still walk with me. She had Josie's leash and I had Toby's on our walk. I didn't want her to struggle with the bull terror and he adored Chrissy. He had a definite fixation on her trying to make moony eyes at her. What a flirt.

Afterwards, we sat at the dining room table and drank coffee and chatted. Chrissy petted the table a little and whispered love offerings to Kealy. I'm glad that C let me keep the date with her because I really enjoyed it.

Poor K had worked a lot of Sunday.

In the late afternoon I went over to his aunt's house and baked cookies with her and our cousin. I got to leave for home with cookies and cookie dough!

By the time K and I settled in for the night we got comfy on the couch and watched, "Super Bad." Well, he watched it and I played "stay awake" the whole time and pretty much lost. So, I'll have to rewatch it since the parts that I did see were pretty hilarious.

So that was my weekend. I'm sorry that it's long and a bit too detailed, but in the end it's more for me so that I can read it again later on and remember how good I have it.

I love my hubby, pets, home, family, friends, craft night, xmas tree, cookies, couch, etc...My love list is too long so I'll just stop riiiiiiiiggght HERE.

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KB said...

I love being mentioned in a blog. It makes me blush.



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