Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sweating it out...

Lately, I have been churning my gears and trying to get back into my exercise routine. When I had gotten no-moan-ya it had obviously prevented me from my normal routine of sweating out the stress through continued cardiovascular activity.

Instead, I was just sweating by way of fever and the activity of coughing up a lung.

Today, I had gone to the Wellness Center on my campus and discovered a wonderful treat.

I had bought the original "slider" when it had come out onto the market. One of those "As Seen on TV" gizmos. The little booties did not glide over the plastic contraption very well and the plastic board moved all over the damn floor. It was geard towards simulating skiing or skating to work out the inner and outer thighs.

The one I played on today was a heavy duty plastic version and got my heart pounding after only two minutes of movement. It was a lot of fun since it simulated skating for me. I got down low with my hands behind my back and swished left and right until my little heart couldn't take it any more. Man, I cannot wait to go again.

Tonight, I'll be meeting up with some of my ladies to give them a nice little work out at the track.

I will leave you with this:

I was reading one of my blogs today and thought I would share i am bossy's site with you. She's a funny lady and this is about core exercises through the eyes of Bossy.


Mrs. T said...

I do not understand this slider thing at all, but it sounds so awesomely fun! Anything that simulates skating sounds okay by me.

Zay said...

mary...maybe this video link will help you understand the movement on this contraption:

you'll see some of the people bent at the knee and sliding left to right...

if you imagine being in the skater stance and pushing hard with your left foot and sliding to the'll hit the edge/stopper and push hard off your right foot and slide to the left...

in skater stance...knees bent, hands behind your back and push hard back and forth...


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