Monday, November 12, 2007

moanday ponderings

The start of a new week and so far things are alright. The day in the office went pretty smoothly and I got my girl A's package out in the mail finally. During lunch I spent it on a recumbent bike for an hour as I read my fantasy novel about wizards, vampires, zombies, and necromancy.

I got a couple of projects out of the way and felt productive. I even had to neglect all of my blogs that I so love to read. Gasp!

I think the day went so smoothly too because I had run into so many positive people. Sometimes, I can find myself more on the negative end and I need a bit of help from the more positive souls. I just need reminders sometimes that it's okay to let down my guard and open myself up to people and experiences. I find that I often have my wall up and that I like to control the situation that I am in. It's hard work always being in control but I do know that it makes me feel more comfortable.

Luckily, there are those that allow me to be me and don't mind me taking the reigns. Usually, these are also the same people who melt away my wall and get to see a glimpse of the softy and also allow me to really laugh out loud and sometimes even to laugh at myself.

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