Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thursday night crafting and clothes swapping gets momma a brand new pair of pants. Well, at least brand new to me. This is what I wore as my Friday work outfit.
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the German said...

i like it.. as well as the boxes in the background! :P
man, if i had as much stuff as you do, my house would also be filled with boxes and i don't think i would have had my house warming last night! thanks for coming and the presents! now we need to have a game night!

Mary T. said...

*Love* the pants. :) Seriously, those pants have been worn 11ty billion times, but you can hardly tell--they're troopers. I'm happy they have a new person without so much butt to give them a second chance.

KB said...

I missed clothes swapping night?! Oh well ... I would have just torn them up to make purses that I never would have finished.

Zay said...

franzi: that box in the background is no longer there. :) and we are having a game night tonight...we're playing tennis!

mary: i am so happy with my new pants especially new pants that i can wear to work and look spiffy instead of my usual almost too casual. haha.

kb: make me a purse...but i want a finished purse. :)

Pacer said...

I'm all too familiar with "almost too casual" - it's my main look at the office.

Those pants are rad. I need to find some cool people who are close to my size to swap with!


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